Monday, October 08, 2012

Checking my list: Nieces and Nephews

If you can't tell by now, my holiday preparations are very Pinterest inspired. Well, the real inspiration is the crafty people behind the pins, but my gift ideas were by and large culled from browsing Pinterest.

I will be making something large for BT's siblings this year. Huge. And I mean huge in size -- not that it is something really meaningful and important. So big I would have a mini panic attack if somebody gave the same gift to me, as I wouldn't have any place to put it. In any case, this massive thing will count as a family gift for each of the three families. I probably could have gotten away with nothing specifically for the kids, but wanted to give them a little something.

Initially we were intending to make homemade root beer this year for all the littles we interact with regularly. BT has been on a home brewing kick again as of late (beer of the alcoholic variety, I mean). He is currently making a Christmas brew to give out this year. The homemade root beer would have been part of the gifts for those families with parents of the drinking persuasion. The kids these gifts are intended for are not the offspring of drinkers, as this is the Mormon part of the family. But, somehow I got stuck on root beer, even when BT threw in the towel and admitted he didn't want to brew and bottle root beer right now*.

Here is the idea that perpetuated my desire to do a root beer gift for our nieces and nephews even after the homemade option was thrown out. I have gifted bottles adorned reindeer antlers before, but used the "traditional" method of twisting small pieces of pipe cleaner onto a main branch. I saw this pic and thought the antler outline was truly inspired (though BT says they look more like moose than reindeer. He also questioned why they all have red noses like Rudolph -- shouldn't there just be one per pack? Ahem. I was reminded why I typically don't involve him in my crafting endeavors unless brewing something or power tools are involved). It will be a small but sweet accompaniment to the big family gift.

One family already has a perfect 6-pack -- wonder if the other two will catch up, lol.

* I don't know much about brewing, but I guess the easier way to carbonate bottles of any brew instills some alcohol into each bottle?? BT says it is no big deal, but I don't want to offend our family.


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