Thursday, October 11, 2012

Big Sister to Be

This gift means little Maddie is going to be a big sister, so I put together a few things to help her welcome her new baby brother.

I made a gift like this years and years ago (pre-blog) -- the baby gift itself had a bee theme (the gift was in a bushel basket, and container Burt's Bees products, a onesie that said Baby Bee, etc.), and then the big sister bag was themed Big Sister to Bee. I bought a 5-pack of plastic bags just for the yellow one at the time to present that gift. This gift uses the last of those bags - yeah!

The shirt is from Old Navy, and card is meant for Maddie to color and give to her brother in the hospital.

As I was crafting this past weekend, I looked at this box on the table and wondered how much more simple my life would be if everything crafty I owned fit inside a box so small (instead of this being a box just for adhesives)...all the more reason to celebrate when something that has been sitting around for years finally get used up.


Favorite of the day: OMG -- we need like 20 of these stat!

Working on: B-day gift

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