Saturday, October 06, 2012

Alligator party: Miscellaneous

A few miscellaneous items for Hank's alligator party ~

Cups embellished with googly eyes and an alligator snout + "swamp juice," which will likely be some overly sweet green punch concoction,

swamp water bottle labels,

and clips to label some of the alligator-themed food items -- great ideas from this post. I am also making a painted banner with Hank, fake trees (closer to party date), doing an egg hunt (do you know how expensive plastic eggs are out of season??), menu planning, and tracking down miscellaneous tableware, etc. Found so many things at the dollar store, but the party is still ending up to be a little more expensive/time-consuming than I was hoping. Perhaps by allowing myself more time to plan, I also have more time to fuss about details. In a couple of years we will probably switch to low key hang out/activity based parties, so I guess I should enjoy planning a party of this type while I can {sniff}.


Favorite of the day: If I wasn't in the midst of blowing our excess cash on other gifts, I would be making this for somebody.

Working on: Gifts for the nieces and nephews


shanna (pinktrees) said...

such a cute theme! this punch i had at a baby shower comes to mind and it looked very swampy too...not sure how kids would like it though. it was just lime sherbert and ginger ale. it started out a pretty green until it mixed more with the ginger ale which turned it a swampy, olive color. sounds so good huh?

Jenn said...

I was going to mention the ginger ale and lime sherbet too. It looks fairly swampy but boy does it taste good!