Wednesday, October 03, 2012

Alligator Party: Favors

Hank's birthday is next month, and I wanted to get a jump on some of the preparations. Despite being very into The Avengers, Star Wars, and other typical boy stuff, the kid surprisingly chose a non-commercial party theme: Alligators. Why -- I couldn't tell you. It may have come up after we visited the new reptile exhibit at the L.A. Zoo, but he has consistently stated that is what he wanted as a theme for more than half the year.

Although there is a site where you can buy printed alligator party ware, I decided to try and make many elements on my own. Here are the favor bags. They contain a small bag of green licorice (purchased at Dollar Tree -- renamed as "Alligator tails"), a pencil, a homemade notebook, and a cute little coin purse (a splurge at $2 each).

I then made little felt alligator clips using clothespins to hold the bags shut, and added a sticker on the bag that says "See you later."

I may make name tags to clip onto the bags. With favors, I always seem to face the dilemma that a) nobody takes said favors, or b) I have them labelled and end up being stalker weirdo for a couple months as I carry favor bags around delivering them at various events.

I also made some foam visors to look like alligators. I had to cut the foam teeth by hand, but found foam eyes online, which saved some time. Hank says I have to make a sign warning people that the alligator hats may bite. Indeed, the spiral cord does have a tendency to get caught in your hair...


Favorite of the day: Popcorn monster favors

Working on: More party prep

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Monica said...

Super cute ideas!!