Saturday, September 01, 2012

The Facebook Project: Jenn

You know all those silly Facebook memes -- post your bra color to keep the guys guessing, re-post a status update if you don't want to look like the schmuck who supports dog abuse, etc. Well, I generally stay away from those kinds of things, but replied to an offer I couldn't resist on the page of a woman we refer to as Auntie P. I was one of five people who responded to her request to have something hand made for them, and in turn promised to make something for the first five people who responded to the same post on my own Facebook page. You were given the whole year to make the items for your five lucky recipients (I ended up with 6). Here is gift #3


Name: Jenn

Number of years known: 7

How I know her: She is the wife of BT's high school friend -- now one of my besties :)

Have you heard about Jenn before on The Felt Mouse?: Yes - lots. Most recently, she was the birthday girl here. We also threw a rocking Up themed party for her daughter, Maddie. Plus, she is one of the few people who comments on the ol' blog here, lol. 

The project: The project for Jenn was two-fold like the project for Valerie. Remember when I said our friend group was winding down in the baby making department? Bwahahaha -- the old gals still have it in them, I suppose. It is a baby bonanza as of late! So first a gift for Maddie's little brother

I made the little car carrier described here -- love how it came out! 

Also included were some onesies, a photo album, and a book all admittedly from the re-gift bin. Jenn was touched to receive the present, as it was the first boy gift she had received.

Then for Jenn herself -- A new mama pampering jar (idea here). The fluffy, perfect for a chilly hospital delivery room socks have been in my gift box forever, waiting for a close friend to have a boy. As for the jar -- Hank recently discovered a plethora of BT's small childhood toys (dozens of Lego mini figs, M.U.S.C.L.E. men, etc.), so I bought a set of canisters to house them, but had a few left over. The pampering in a jar gift was born! I added things a mama who just gave birth might need in the hospital -- including chocolate, of course. The homemade element for Jenn is a little weak sauce -- just a simple eye mask.

Again, congratulations to another mama-to-be, and cross another friend from the list!

(If you are wondering why I am getting all of these Facebook projects off my plate, it is because I am eager to get a jump on getting ready for Christmas -- wish me luck!)


Favorite of the day: Favorited today, hopefully will be on the table tomorrow morning

Working on: Slow to start, but perhaps my favorite Facebook project of all

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Doodlebug Love said...

You are so amazing in ALL that you do Jen. For those of you who have seen posts of mine where I refer to the Felt as Jen #1 and I as Jenn #2 is because Jen you are number one in my eyes not to mention you were part of the group before me. You have crazy mad skills in all that you do. I wish that I had the ability to come up with all those perfect gift ideas that you do. You are extremely thoughtful, giving, caring and loving and I can't imagine not having you in my life. Thanks for making it feel like Christmas in September! Love you to pieces