Wednesday, September 19, 2012

The Facebook Project: jek

You know all those silly Facebook memes -- post your bra color to keep the guys guessing, re-post a status update if you don't want to look like the schmuck who supports dog abuse, etc. Well, I generally stay away from those kinds of things, but replied to an offer I couldn't resist on the page of a woman we refer to as Auntie P. I was one of five people who responded to her request to have something hand made for them, and in turn promised to make something for the first five people who responded to the same post on my own Facebook page. You were given the whole year to make the items for your five lucky recipients (I ended up with 6). Here is gift #6 (final one!)

Name: Jessica (aka jek)

Number of years known: 6

How I know her: jek is an online buddy back from my more energetic and creative period (i.e. before I just gave up and started following online tutorials, lol). jek is still an amazing crafting powerhouse, who comes up with creative projects and recipes nearly daily.
Have you heard about jek before on The Felt Mouse?: Yes - lots! She hosted one of my favorite swaps, she and I have done swaps, and I have completed (versus just pinning) a few of her awesome projects. If you can't tell, I have a bit of a girl crush on jek :) 

The project: jek decorates her bed monthly. I thought I would make her a garland she could hang over it. The style was inspired by the cute red and white pompoms purchased from a Japanese dollar store -- I thought they looked like plastic bobbers. jek has been known to go by "Lobster Girl," so lobsters in addition to her signature nickname were printed out on blue gingham fabric.

The "extras" were fun to pull together, and reminded me of our swaps of the past. The necklace was mine, but ready to find a new owner. I found the chocolate cigarettes, mermaid card, and magnet at local tourist stores. The other items were from my swap box.

Well, I did it! All 6 respondents to the Facebook Project received a homemade gift during 2012!!


Favorite of the day: Hank would love these.

Working on: Stockings!

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jessica wilson said...

eegads! how did i miss this? you are lovely and i adore my goodies. i did tell yo uthey arrived mucho long ago didn't i? i kinda think YOU are a crafting powerhouse. you've one upped me as you've crafted up kiddos even! ;)

Happy almost New Year!