Monday, September 03, 2012

The Facebook Project: Emy

You know all those silly Facebook memes -- post your bra color to keep the guys guessing, re-post a status update if you don't want to look like the schmuck who supports dog abuse, etc. Well, I generally stay away from those kinds of things, but replied to an offer I couldn't resist on the page of a woman we refer to as Auntie P. I was one of five people who responded to her request to have something hand made for them, and in turn promised to make something for the first five people who responded to the same post on my own Facebook page. You were given the whole year to make the items for your five lucky recipients (I ended up with 6). Here is gift #4

Name: Emy

Number of years known: 6

How I know her: Emy is a blog friend I have not had the pleasure meeting in real life -- yet. We have very similar tastes and political views, and I think we even look similar -- long lost sisters!

Have you heard about Emy before on The Felt Mouse?: My favorite post about Emy was the swap we did when she was living in Italy. Here is what she sent, and what I sent.

The project: With almost all of these Facebook projects, I had a bit of a brain freeze at first, but then something kinda came to me out of the blue. I could have made everybody an apron and called it a day, but I wanted to make something that reflected the person or our relationship.

 For Emy, I came up with a project full of snark -- just like us. I am calling it One Big Damn Craft Blog Cliche. How many quintessential craft blog elements did I hit? Let's see -- squirrels/woodland creatures are popular, made in cutesy Japanese style (made using this pattern). I knit the squirrel a little scarf, 'cause knitting is always a popular craft blogger pastime. I put a bird on it, because I love Portlandia, and everybody knows Portland itself is a craft blogger mecca. I used a knit acorn on hand and a spun cotton mushroom to complete my little terrarium scene. I was committed to just buy a canister at Cost Plus to use as the terrarium but, and I am not making this up -- I made a trip to the thrift store (cliche alert!) and found a canning jar. But not just any canning jar -- a Weck jar. For 99 cents. 

You know how all the cool girls use $12 Weck jars to can their homemade preserves made using fruit they picked at a local farm, right?  And *of course* the cool girls also always find exactly what they are looking for when they go to the thrift store, versus encountering a sea of stained Rubbermaid containers and bags of Happy Meal toys. Soo perfect to complete my snarky gift!

I have also been pawning off stuff from my junk box as part of these Facebook gifts, so I pulled together all the little birdie/woodland items I had on hand -- things curated from swap packages and craft fairs -- and put them in a stamped muslin bag (which so happened to come from Anthropologie). 

I had doubles of the snail pattern because I lied when I made this little guy, and I actually did already have the wee wonderfuls snail pattern on hand, but had lost it in a sea of crap in my craft room -- I'm still going here, by the way, with the cliches.

The jar was wrapped in some cute as can be faux bois wrapping paper I found recently at the Target dollar section, and some red and white baker's twine. There was also a little gift tag of a gnome, but didn't get a pic with that.

So how many craft blog cliches was that? Don't know what she will do with this...but hopefully years from now when blogs have been replaced with the next best thing, Emy will remember her blog buddy and all the fun inspiration they got from reading craft blogs obsessively.


Favorite of the day: Slow day b/c of the holiday

Working on: Finally, finally the finishing touches on the dining room project


Doodlebug Love said...

Adorable... as always. She will be so thrilled and I can see a hint of the long lost sister look too :P

Anonymous said...

Oh... That sweet snail! :)