Friday, September 14, 2012

Checking my list: Stocking stuffers

All store bought this year -- I know, disappointing. This is just a selection of the gifts, as showing multiples for 31 people is a tad overwhelming.

A few items were only 50 cents (the mini Wooly Willy toys from Michaels). Some items were purchased in bulk, like the Hello Kitty bath wash and peace necklaces, saving a little money if the individual items ended up costing less than a dollar. Baby tights (originally from Target) found at 99 Cents Only store.

Also adding Santa's Orchard stickers to the oranges (now downgraded to Cuties, again to save money -- and more likely to be eaten). No -- I didn't buy the fruit yet, though it nags at me that I still will have shopping to do come December...

Three stockings to make this year - maybe if I have a year I don't have to make stockings, I will go back to homemade stocking stuffers :)


Favorite of the day: Haven't looked yet

Working on: Memory games

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