Thursday, September 20, 2012

Checking my list: Gifts for the veggie kids

I am fortunate to have two women I work with that have become close friends. Here are pics of their work baby showers (Danielle, Lena) as a reminder as to who I am talking about.

"Baby" Mamoun is now almost 2, and Baby Charlie will be one in a few months. Their gifts were inspired by a cute book found at that dollar store of all places that talks about baby going shopping with mama for organic fruits and veggies. Perfect for my eco-minded co-workers!

I also wanted to make them a little wooden memory game like this. In fact -- I did make the very same set. When it came time to make the bags to hold them, though, I held some cute tomato fabric in one hand and the wooden discs in the other, and thought -- nope, this isn't going to work. Fruits and veggies needed to be on the discs to continue the healthy eating theme.

Now, at this point sane crafting girl would have gone to the store and bought a mere $5 worth of wooden discs to make 2 more sets of veggie/fruit themed discs, plus kept the discs she made so they would be ready to go for a future gift. Crazy crafting girl decided she is too lazy to go to Michaels yet again, and has already spent more on Christmas preparations than she was intending, so she rips off the shapes from the discs (a process that probably took as long as it would have taken to get to and from the craft store) and starts over.

Regardless of how they were created, I am proud to give a gift that is cute, thoughtful, and cost only $3.50 each.


Favorite of the day: Speaking of eco-friendly and kids, here is a list of 20 toys to make from trash (via Money Saving Mom).

Working on: Stockings, still

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Fred Kids said...

I like this one. Perfect for kids and I know they love that.