Tuesday, September 18, 2012

Checking my list: Gift for Natasha

Natasha is the daughter of my best gal pal, Joy. Joy teaches in Japan, and spoils us periodically with Japanese goodness.

We had the opportunity to spend time with Joy and Natasha this summer visiting the mamas' old stomping ground, San Diego -- places like Balboa Park and Sea World. I *believe* during the trip there was discussion about Natasha wanting a cat (or I could be making that up now as a way to justify this present). The family can't have a real cat because of their schedule, but come Christmas Natasha will have her own Pointy Kitty.

Kitty's legs are a little more splayed than the original as I needed to expand the stomach gusset to account for my lack of sewing skills. You would think sewing for 20+ years would put me in the expert category, but alas I fear I have never exceeded novice level.

I found this little animal care bag on clearance at Ikea. I'm sure kitty could be squished in with the gear that came with the bag (2 collars, a bandana, and a brush). Hope Natasha enjoys her new kitty friend!


Favorite of the day: I see a trip to a Japanese grocery store in my future for these, oh and also for these.

Working on: Memory game

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