Sunday, August 26, 2012

The Facebook Project: Valerie

You know all those silly Facebook memes -- post your bra color to keep the guys guessing, re-post a status update if you don't want to look like the schmuck who supports dog abuse, etc. Well, I generally stay away from those kinds of things, but replied to an offer I couldn't resist on the page of a woman we refer to as Auntie P. I was one of five people who responded to her request to have something hand made for them, and in turn promised to make something for the first five people who responded to the same post on my own Facebook page. You were given the whole year to make the items for your five lucky recipients (I ended up with 6). Here is gift #2

Name: Valerie

Number of years known: 12

How I know her: She is the best friend of BT's high school friend's wife -- the same friend who introduced me to Kent, the first recipient of a Facebook project.

Have you heard about Valerie before on The Felt Mouse?: I don't think so -- but she is the "v" in this set of aprons

The project: The project for Valerie was two-fold. One, she is due to have a baby next month (her first), so a special gift was in order. I made a little felt elephant 

and paired it with an Aden + Anais sleeper bought on clearance at Target and a coordinating photo album.

But, since the project was intended for the Facebook friend -- not their offspring -- I decided I had to make something else just for Valerie. On occasion we say we should meet up to craft, as we live relatively close to each other. So, I made her a little pouch 

filled with a few sewing supplies. 

I thought the fabric resembled an Eastern European design -- Valerie is proud of her Serbian heritage. I also tried my hand at painting a needle case -- try being the key word...

Best wishes to mama and baby, and maybe we can do that crafting day some day :)


Favorite of the day: Adorable for a 4th (or 40th) b-day celebration!

Working on: More Facebook gifts

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Lynn said...

That little elephant is super cute and I love the pouch and needle case - sounds like a neat thing to do and I'm sure Valerie (and her offspring) will love getting them!