Sunday, August 12, 2012

Hank's first trip to the Bowl

Way back B.K. (Before Kid) we used to go to the Hollywood Bowl on an annual basis. After kid -- a few summers slipped by and we didn't see a single show.

This year we made it to two events. One, just the grown-ups to see Prairie Home Companion. Always an entertaining lot.

Picnicking on the ground -- the curse of getting to the Bowl late...
The second was a Pixar themed event with the kid. This was a pretty popular event, and showed for 3 days straight. The instrumental music of the Pixar movies is so distinctive, and was lovely to hear as visual clips from all 13 Pixar movies played on large movie screens. The crowd -- even the kids -- were quiet as church mice when the music was playing, save for an occasional sniff during the sad scenes. Hank has asked several times since then to go see "that music movie," so it was definitely a good first show to introduce him to one of our favorite L.A. venues.

Dinner wasn't as elaborate as it could have been, but I did make a few Pixar shaped sandwiches (namely Woody's hat, Lightening McQueen and Mac the truck).

Popcorn from home in store bought boxes. And yeah - the arm. Has been an even more uncomfortable summer for the poor guy :(

Favorite of the day: Spent the day at the fair! Hotter than Hades, but always a lot of fun. The food exhibit was especially enticing this year. Dare I enter something next year? A favorite candy recipe? A stitched item? A decorated party table? The mind reels at the possibilities...

Working on: Seat cushion


Anonymous said...

Wonderful that you are able to share your favorite things with Hank- and that he is enjoying them too. (It helps when you have such hip parents! :)

Yes! Enter something in the fair next year! How fun.

(Leaving a comment and proving you are not a robot can very tricky what are those letters?!! :)


mascanlon said...

Hank is growing up so fast, I first started to stop in before he was born>