Sunday, June 03, 2012

Food Truckin' it without the truck

We love food trucks!!! Can't put it any more plainly than that. We have never drive out of our way to find a certain truck, but if we hear they will be at an event we are more inclined to go check things out. I realized that we have eaten from food trucks 5 times in the past 5 weeks (and some of those meals involved purchases from multiple trucks), so I consider us connoisseurs.

I am continually amazed at how these mobile food purveyors create interesting menus and offer twists on old favorites. Here are some themes I have noticed:

- Offering non-Hispanic meats "street taco" style on corn tortillas (Kogi, one of the original new wave food trucks in the Los Angeles area, serves Korean spicy pork and kimchi as either tacos or in a burrito)

- Shaping traditional breads (naan, Indian fry bread, and my personal favorite -- the spongy white stuff used to make bao) to serve corresponding meats (chicken tiki masala, chipotle pork, spicy beef) street taco style

- Stuffing things (sausages, wontons, samosas) with unexpected ingredients

- Focus on one food type and doing it very well (i.e. an ice cream sandwich truck that makes its own ice cream and cookies)

- Ex. twists on old favorites. At a BBQ truck recently, one could get grilled cheese, mac n cheese, or pulled pork -- but why not get them all together in one sandwich? Don't mind if I do. Also, this truck called its fries curly-q pigtails, which I thought was cute.

- Unique ideas. This is a real wood fire oven in the back of a food truck

Who worked out the logistics for that?

I would eat from food trucks every night if my wallet, conscience, and waistline allowed. We are stuck at home most nights, but no need to limit our dining experience. Putting bacon wrapped sausages in sliced King's Hawaiian rolls, for example, elevates the simple hot dog to a whole new level. Driving out to "the Valley" (no man's land for us South Bay residents -- and vice versa for Valley residents coming to the LBC) to stalk a food truck not required.


Favorite of the day: This Ikea party -- love the clowny cups and bowtie napkins

Working on: Still the pennant banner (in concept only -- I haven't actually done anything yet...)

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