Tuesday, June 26, 2012

Apron giver

Another wedding -- another apron. This one is for a cousin getting married this coming weekend near where the hurricane was scheduled to make landfall. Looks like somebody is watching out for them, and the storm is settling down to some degree.

Pattern: Japanese craft book. Ceramic measuring spoons from Cost Plus.
We are sorry to miss the wedding, and see a part of the country we have not explored yet, but *somebody* had a guys' trip scheduled already and couldn't spend the extra days away from the office in the same week.

A little pouch for a few special recipes. The dollar store magnet was in my junk bin.
In lieu of our presence, I am sending a handmade apron, and several recipes from our grandma's recipe box.

Last of the circles from a Martha Stewart banner kit. Letters also MS.
Within days of getting married, the couple is moving to Paris. Do you think the newlyweds would mind a visit to make up for us not attending the wedding?


Favorite of the day: Really fun wedding. If I help plan another event of this type, I'm gonna insist on kazoos.

Working on: A refashion

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African Kelli said...

That apron, the wrapping and the sentiment are PERFECT. So well done!