Thursday, May 17, 2012

Teacher Appreciation Week

Last week was pretty rough. It was also Teacher Appreciation Week. Hank's school suggested gifts for each day - Monday: Baked item and a recipe, Tuesday: Picture or thank you card, Wednesday: Single flower to contribute to a bouquet for the teachers, Thursday: Parent sponsored breakfast, and Friday: whatever you want.

I could show you the 5 gifts we gave the teachers and clap myself on back for a job well done. Instead -- I will give you the real run down how the week went down.

Saturday 5/5: A lazy day at home. The kid starts to have diarrhea, and later barfs. Here we go...stomach bug.

Sunday 5/6: Kid seems better. Goes with dad to a birthday party. Mom is supposed to be studying for a 2-day exam for work. She bakes cookies instead, and hand writes 12 copies of the recipe. Not much studying took place. (recipe: here, recipe cards: here, bags and washi tape: Target)

Monday 5/7: Mom jets off for her exam. Diarrhea is back so the boys stay home. That is fine, mom says before she leaves for the airport, but pleeeeease still take the cookies to school.

Tuesday 5/8: Dad takes kid to school and drops of pictures he colored. Kid makes it through the day there with no diarrhea, but has it again that evening. Meanwhile, mom wakes up at 4:00 a.m. and barfs -- on the day of the oral portion of her exam. Are you kidding me?? Adrenaline got her through the panel without exploding out of both ends, but she found it hard to keep it together for the rest of the day at the office and on the long trip home.

Wednesday 5/9: Mom takes kid to school, drops off flowers, and then works from home trying to recuperate. School calls in the afternoon and says kids got the runs again. Picks kid up and goes to dr. Normally unflappable pediatrician worried about number of days he has been pooping water. They get a shopping bag full of poop collecting paraphernalia and go home to veg in front of the tv nibbling toast and eating applesauce.

Thursday 5/10: Don't bother with school. They didn't even run over pre-assigned contribution to the parent sponsored breakfast, listed as strawberries, to school (I recalled seeing several listings for fruit, so I'm sure they were covered. Who would want food from a couple of sickies, anyway)? Can't let good fruit go to waste, so they dipped the strawberries in chocolate and enjoyed them themselves. Kid seems to be on the mend, mama realizes her stomach was not quite ready for chocolate or strawberries.

Friday 5/11: The individual gift was not ready, and wasn't sure kid was ready to go back to school. Mama feels sorta better. That night, though, she says she wants Thai food. Big mistake. Tummy troubles are back and keep her up most of the night.

Fast forward to Wednesday 5/16: Personal gifts -- herbs in recycled plastic pots with cute signs (also from Target) -- are finally delivered to teachers.

So there you have it. The real scoop behind what it took to prepare 5 days' worth of gifts. As an aside -- the cookies were amazing. A rare Pinterest recipe success.


Favorite of the day: Bright, colorful wedding with dozens of DIYs

Working on: A gift bucket

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Heidi@TheMerryMagpieVintage said...

Ugh, rough week! Those sprinkle cookies look like the bright spot in it.

PS--has your blog always looked like this? It's darn cute! I love the little chairs.