Monday, May 14, 2012

Happy Mama's Day

At our house, BT reigns supreme as resident geek. His interests cover a wide spectrum. They are probably not dissimilar from many men in his age group -- Star Wars, super heroes (Marvel, if you please), and video games galore. But, I will say, even among his friends with similar interests, BT manages to out-geek the geeks with his level of knowledge about certain subject areas. Kinda like this guy

Love you, babe!

Well, the mama is not without her geeky pursuits. For example - compared to my friend group, I have an unnatural preoccupation with reading blogs and remembering pointless internet based tidbits. Another closet geeky interest of mine - the Renaissance Fair.

For those of you who have never been, Ren Fairs throughout the country (and world) allow everyday people to experience a taste of medieval life. I have been to three different fairs (multiple times) in my lifetime, and they all do such a wonderful job setting up the scenery and ambiance of a simpler, less hygienic time. There are more people in costume than not, and you wonder how many of the entertainers wandering the village streets are actually paid to be there, and how many have been coming for good food and merriment for the weekends the fair is on just for the heck of it.

My interest in Renaissance Fairs began in high school. A high school boyfriend was involved with a group that (yes, legitimately) worked at fairs selling weaponry, costumes -- all the fun stuff. I spent time with one of the women planning a beautiful costume, but did not execute it for some reason. Oh well - it would be too small today, lol. For the record - I have never gone to a fair in costume.

Another favorite aspect of the fair is the food. I can't speak to the authenticity of the food to the time period, but it is fairly simple, mostly handheld fare. This may be the original place that giant turkey legs were sold. Meat pies, sausages, and other hearty foods are doled out in large portions. I liked these sorbets sold in fruit containers (I think they may have these at Costco? Mine came in a mini pineapple).

The kid had an ok time at the fair. So far he has been pretty lukewarm about most of his parents' geeky interests, but will undoubtedly be predisposed towards his own form of geekery. His favorite things today were a dragon swing, getting his own pirate sword and shield, and spending time with mama

I hope everybody enjoyed a day of cherishing the mother figures in their lives, honoring the memories of those who watch over us, and celebrating the mothering spirit in us all.


Favorite of the day: Super hero wedding inspiration (for the other geeky couples out there)

Working on: Getting back to normal

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leslie said...

looks so fun! chris and i had our first date at the ten faire!! that;s where our tattoos came from. :)