Saturday, May 26, 2012

40th birthday bash

The first person in our core friend group just turned 40. It's all downhill for the rest of us -- expect more 40th birthday parties to come (though there was talk of the 1975ers planning a group trip to've got my vote!)


Speaking of Sin City, the birthday girl, Jenn, wanted a theme that reflected old Vegas -- the Rat Pack, the Flamingo -- the good ol days. She also settled on a color theme of hot pink and electric blue.

I scoured Pinterest for ideas, then looked online and at the dollar store to pull everything together. The photo board above was originally outside, but later moved indoors when nobody could see the damn thing. Jenn found pictures of almost every single party guest and printed them out in black and white. My job was easy -- I made a canvas frame to pin the pictures to (ok -- BT made it) and printed out some instructions about finding your pic and signing the front. I felt like a stalker all night trying to convince folks to go find their picture, but some how this is all we ended up with.

Also on the favor table were favors made using Blow Pops. I included the popular 40th party phrase 40 sucks, but realized halfway through the project that Blow Pops both suck and blow. Regardless, I think about 2 of these were taken, so nobody saw them anyway.

The original idea for large lit Vegas style letters spelling J-E-N-N was scrapped, as none of us had time to figure out how to implement the plan. Instead I covered wooden letters from Michaels in sparkly craft paper. The birthday girl loved them.

Since she was printing out pictures anyway, she included some additional pictures of her hubby, daughter, family and friends, and we hung them on twine in the backyard. Only the early revelers got a glimpse of these before it got too dark.

The centerpieces were my favorite element. The charger was purchased online, but all other elements (blue martini glass, gem and bead filler, star-shaped candy dishes, and pink sparkly bubbles) were found at the dollar store. Again, I don't think these were utilized, as folks were huddled around heaters most the night, and it was very dark in the area where these were located (I was not in charge of lighting). Are you sensing a theme here? Yeah -- people were just here to drink and celebrate the birthday girl. We could have threw a handful of confetti 5 minutes before the party started and called it a day. But -- then I wouldn't have had anything to blog about, lol.

One thing you can usually convince a bunch of people to do after they are properly inebriated is to take pictures. We set up a photo wall using shiny streamers and miscellaneous "classy" photo props, like the white hat I chose for every single picture I was in. A friend from work thought it was part of my outfit. What I regret not getting a picture of are my fabulous blue shoes. I will have to wear them again one day so I can show them off. They are the main reason I look like a giantess in this picture with the birthday girl.

A very fun party! Looking forward to many more 40th bashes. Some advice -- skip the decorations and buy more booze. Or just drag everybody to Vegas!!


Favorite of the day: Wow -- what would I owe the hubby if he made this? via Leslie on Pinterest.

Working on: On kid duty tonight, which equals vegging in front of the TV. I'm creative.

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Anonymous said...

Cold or not I loved everything about the party and all the guests seemed to have had a blast! I so appreciate all your creativity and your help with the party. As I have said many times before... "QUIT YOUR DAY TIME JOB AND START YOUR OWN BIZ!" You are such an amazing and talented friend. Love ya to pieces.

Jenn U