Tuesday, April 03, 2012

VW themed baby shower

Notwithstanding recent references, I don't think I have mentioned on the old blog here how much VWs mean to my husband's family. VWs were, when I first met the clan 13 years ago, their vehicle of choice. All of BT's siblings could be identified by the bug (or bus) they drove. Most weekends you would find BT's dad out in the driveway helping one of the kids fix their ride. Old VWs are amazingly easy to fix, and have such personality.

Volkswagens were an important part of our dating history. One of my "arbitrary but important to me" requirements for a guy I was dating was that he had a reliable car -- too many instances of needing to go pick guys up because their cars had broken down. Having a reliable car showed responsibility. BT showed up for our first date in a newish Toyota Corolla -- a respectable car. About a month or so after we started dating, that car was totaled. BT didn't have much money for a new car, but may have been able to swing a little more than the $200 he spent on a bug. Yes -- $200. The thing ran -- actually ran really well. It just looked like it, too, had been in a roll over accident. The passenger's side was completely dented in, so I had to get in on his side. The back seats had been ripped out, and some animal had nested there before BT bought it. The girlfriend of the previous owner had decorated the interior of the car with stickers and Sharpie sayings. It was a beast, but it always got him back and forth during the "long distance" portion of our relationship -- from Orange County to Beverly Hills where I was living while I attended grad school. I'm sure BHPD received plenty of calls about BT's POS car, but it was always properly permitted to be parked on Maple Drive.

The blue beauty shown above was bought during our second year together, and was, obviously, our wedding getaway car. To say we miss this car is an understatement. We pine for this car. I can even remember how it smells -- Meguiars interior conditioner and just a hint of burning oil. Hope we can justify buying another one some day -- perhaps for the kid if they are still on the road by then.

Ok -- sniff sniff. Back to our VW themed shower that prompted this post. Emily, BT's cousin, had a cute little white bug in high school. Emily is the quintessential California surfer girl, and her bug suited her to a T. She is due to have a baby girl in a couple of months, but the baby's sex didn't deter her from wanting a VW bug themed shower. I got to work. First, I made "love bug" themed invites using a cute graphic purchased on etsy.

The day of the shower, guests were greeted by a lavender and white tissue paper VW emblem.

We had guests fill in their address for thank you cards (a great time saver for the mama-to-be), and they created "diaper doodles" while they waited for the festivities to start

 Gumball filled tubes were provided as favors

The streamers were hung throughout the house

I made a heart and bug themed garland to hang near where the mama-to-be would be sitting

The food table was so much fun! The highlight was the VW bug shaped cake my SIL had made for the shower.

She also made a fun diaper cake. I made the mobile to hang over the table which matches the colors in the quilt I made for Emily.

Everything went together without a hitch, and the mama-to-be and her "love bug" felt very showered indeed.

Favorite of the day: Rad bike helmet

Working on: A playmat


lesliee said...

no way! we just got a bug off ebay!!!

Rebecca said...

Such a cute party! And I love your stories about BT's old car. Too funny!

Angelica Emmanuel said...

It's a very cute theme. Also, it's nice to point out that having a reliable car shows responsibility. As transportation is an everyday need for many people, the car becomes a reflection of how people go by in their daily lives...

Anonymous said...

So I have to ask.... as I plan my sister's baby shower (VW theme)... where did you get the diecut for the bugs you used in your garland?? I have been searching for something, anything that can be used as bug/beetle diecuts for the shower. If you know of a store in Southern California, I am willing to drive to purchase!! If you can, please email me back at mallory_mcclintock@