Saturday, April 21, 2012

Vest Take 2

You may recall my first vest re-style attempt. Total failure.

I didn't want to admit defeat on this one, particularly after finding a women's vest at the dollar store of all places that looked perfect for scaling down to become part of a dapper Easter outfit. This was the best pic of the day (didn't I mention something in the previous vest post about not being able to get decent pics of my kid?) If you are wondering what he is holding -- it is an Easter egg collecting bag. It was my sister-in-law's first sewing project, and she made lined, square-bottomed bags for (then) 12 nieces and nephews in less than a week's time. Me thinks if she was a blogger, she would be one of those over achiever types :)

My second attempt at the Made boy's sweater vest came out perfect. Since the original too was a vest, I salvaged the binding to use on the kid's version. Paired with a chambray shirt and tan shorts, it was the perfect Easter ensemble for my honey bunny.


Favorite of the day: Surprisingly nothing

Working on: 40th birthday bash

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