Sunday, April 08, 2012

Rawr! Happy Easter

Hank's basket this year had a dino theme

The theme was prompted by the "magic volcano" toy shown below. He saw it at Cost Plus, and said he thought it would be a good thing for the Easter Bunny to bring.

These dino candies were also found at Cost Plus -- perfect!

So -- if dinos were in the mix, I figured it was now or never to make this.

Another project that has been saved in my favorites for years now. It wasn't hard -- just dozens of steps.

It came out pretty cute! The mask was purchased on etsy.

Within an hour, all but one of the toys had been played with (and all except the bag of gummies had been eaten). I'd call this basket a success!


Favorite of the day: N/A

Working on: Deviled eggs

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Jane said...

Major props to the Easter Bunny for such a cool basket!