Tuesday, March 06, 2012

Those who live in small houses...

What qualifies as a small house? According to Apartment Therapy, a small house is less than 1,000 square feet. At 1,008 feet perhaps then our house would be considered mid-size? If you saw our house in person, I think you would classify it as teeny tiny. Remember -- we are the owners of a bedroom that is a mere 7 1/2 feet in width.

We like to pretend our house is midcentury modern -- it is not.
Even compared to our neighbors, our house is small. Our kitchen is so tiny, that with the fridge door open, you have no open floor space. This picture cracks me up.

We have the best friends!
We had 2/3 of our core friend group over for dinner (dinner was served on our extra long driveway -- keep reading). After dinner, the kids were out in the living room, and the adults crammed themselves into my postage stamp sized kitchen. Realizing we had all somehow squeezed in (akin to stuffing people in a phone booth), I insisted that we get a picture. On a normal day with just me in there, the kitchen is barely functional.

One more inch and everything would fit. Or maybe I need smaller cookie sheets.
Now, we do have something many of our neighbors do not have, and that is a driveway. Most houses in our historic neighborhood (a majority of the houses were built in the 30s, a few, like ours, were built in the 40s) do not have driveways, and rely on street parking or access their detached garages through the alley. Our driveway is about 100 feet long. All I can assume is that our house was designed for the drive-in set -- you would need the space to park multiple cars, but would always be out hitting the new burger stand to show off your ride, so why would you need a full kitchen?

Where yucky plastic utensils go to die
Getting back to the kitchen, we had a cabinet fall apart last year around this time. This was one of those "new, but crappy product or crappily installed" things that are so frustrating to deal with at our place. Can sh*t just stay together long enough for us to get to that room and do a complete overhaul? BT replaced the cabinet with a new crappy but well installed set (cheap, but temporary until we determine how to fix this space). The design of this Home Depot Special forced me to get rid of a lot of stuff, and organize things in a new way. One thing I did was put together a storage bin stove for Hank's kitchen wares.

The first thing Hank pulled out of this Ikea food play set was the knife, and said something along the lines of Ohhh - a knife! and started jabbing the air with it.
We have no nooks in the house that could house a play kitchen without looking like a cluttered mess. Hank mostly just wants to play with the real stuff any way, or he is helping me with real cooking. But, he likes having his own tools. They can be stored in this container, and flipped over - it is a stove! The knobs were salvaged from a wooden block caddy that had to go because it was taking up too much space (I know, you get it -- my house is small!!) This is not a new idea, and you can find a few other designs on Pinterest. I should compare notes with those ladies to see who has the smallest house of them all.


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