Saturday, March 03, 2012

Patchwork baby

Another baby shower - this one for a friend expecting #4. They are 85% it's their 4th girl, but I think they are holding out hope the baby is a boy after all.

In light of this uncertainty, I made a blankie that at least avoided pink, although the purple would probably still tilt the scale. The color palette was determined by the fabric used on the back -- a selection of vintage looking baby animals.

I had a pack of onesies with sheep on them that I admittedly had bought for Hank, but never used.

The gift was finished off with a purchased baby lamb stuffed animal.

Things are winding down in the baby making department on the friend side. I think we are all excited to get to the next level of parenting. As it is, parties are becoming enjoyable again, as the kids can run around and entertain each other, versus needing constant parental interaction -- leaving the mamas free to sip their wine and talk about, well, the kids.


Favorite of the day: I've got nothin'

Working on: Baby shower invites for SIL's shower (I have the feeling we'll be welcoming nieces and nephews for a few more years, so won't get rid of that juvenile fabric just yet, lol)

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