Thursday, March 01, 2012

The Facebook Project: Kent

You know all those silly Facebook memes -- post your bra color to keep the guys guessing, re-post a status update if you don't want to look like the schmuck who supports dog abuse, etc. Well, I generally stay away from those kinds of things, but replied to an offer I couldn't resist on the page of a woman we refer to as Auntie P. I was one of five people who responded to her request to have something hand made for them, and in turn promise to make something for the first five people who responded to the same post on their own Facebook page. You have the whole year to make the items for your five lucky recipients (I ended up with 6). Here is gift #1

Name: Kent

Number of years known: 11

How I know him: He was the husband of BT's high school friend's wife's friend, but I now consider him my friend without the added layers

Have you heard about Kent before on The Felt Mouse?: Indeed you have -- he was the In-n-Out zombie who accompanied us on the Zombie Walk we did years ago.

The project: Kent moved from sunny CA to New York several years. We were sad to see him go, but glad to know we have a tour guide if we ever make it to the Big Apple. Terrible timing for this project, since the country is having such a mild winter, but I made him a super heavy duty 2-ply moss stitch wool scarf.

As BT will attest to, I don't make enough manly crafts. This was fun!


Favorite of the day: This sounds so good

Working on: Baby blankie


Cristina said...

Ohh, I adore Kent.... That scarf looks really good! It is so hard to make manly looking man-crafts, but you nailed it!

leslie said...

awesome jen!!!!