Wednesday, February 08, 2012

Xs and Os to my little man

Here is Hank's Valentine's Day present

 The items were purchased using a $5 gift card obtained when I bought two packs of Pull-Ups at Target.

I am sooo done with diapers! I should have worked harder to catch him at the magic 18-month mark when he was more pliable instead of trying with a stubborn 3 year old who could give a damn less if he sits in a soaking wet diaper.

In any case, I bought the whirly bird thingy to replace one Hank broke (one I had since I was 11 years old, mind you). Cheap sunglasses replace the pair we lost. 

And the mailbox

is filled with vintage Valentines. I found the stickers rummaging through my baskets of junk -- nice coincidence on a couple of them, huh?


Favorite of the day: I have been thinking about putting something like this over our bed

Working on: Pincushions


TheCheekyKea said...

So cute! Believe me, potty training an 18 month old is not so fab. Better to get them when they're older, they figure it out eventually. My girl is 4 and has finally learned when she needs to go, but when shes at pre-school she can't be bothered. We found that a sticker-chart worked best at 3 years. One sticker for every 2 hours without an accident. The frequency of the sticker keeps it fresh in their minds. If they get 5 or more stickers for the day, they get an extra book at bedtime.
Boys are slow learners about the potty though, they're less likely to recognize the urge.
Wow, I'm sorry, I just hijacked your blog with potty training....

Anonymous said...

A glockenspiel over your bed??! :)

Jennifer W. said...

@CheekyKea -- It just seemed like he followed directions to sit down and go when he was that age. If we said to go, he would do it. But, we did that once every few days versus drilling it in throughout the day, every day. Now he can't be bothered.

@April -- Yes!! I have missed out on two craigslist deals for xylophones, so definitely looking. So wrong to hang something so heavy over the bed in earthquake country, but I think it would match our decor nicely and would be fun for Hank to bang on (though I imagine BT cursing me for putting a giant noise maker above our bed if it gets used too early in the am)

leslie said...

i love that mailbox!! what a cute idea. you could use that throughout the year and leave letters for each other. :)