Tuesday, February 14, 2012

Understand your man

Oh, yeah. Johnny was on to something with that song.

A week or so before Feb. 1, I saw this adorable idea to give 14 days' worth of treats to your partner. I thought it was so cute, and rushed out to the dollar store to buy the bulk of the items (shown above. Our printer was running out of ink, hence the muted colors). I planned to put a treat a day in Brent's lunch.

Other items added later included

 Beer (love potion -- this was a weekend gift, not packed in his lunch for work)

A cupcake (cherry chip, of course. Forgot to take a pic.)

10 things I love about you (I know - the jar is fabulous! Japanese dollar store find). An example of a sentiment from the jar: I love that you can get a flat tire in between shuttling people to the cruise terminal in the rain with Hank in the car and keep your cool. It's true! In between shuttling this couple and their friends to the Long Beach cruise terminal, he got a flat. He changed it and got the second carload to the boat in plenty of time. He didn't even tell me about it until I got home that night. Suffice it to say, me in the same situation would be calling him in tears and would have not know what to do. I am so glad I did not marry the male equivalent of me.

Strawberry crush (I wanted a single bottle, since we don't drink soda, but could only find the 6-pack)

annnnd a little something for after hours.

So here I am, all high on myself for putting together such a romantic gesture. And then reality set in -- my dude does not do romance. Some days he didn't open his lunch, or forgot it all together. Did he make a point to open it after the fact just to see what the treat was? No. He complained how the copious amount of sugar laden treats were countering his efforts to eat less. The soda made him sick. I bought the wrong caps for the cap gun. He didn't even read the tags in the jar because he didn't want somebody at work to ask about them. I think the only thing that won approval was the beer, and hopefully the wrapped item (though he won't like that I spent the money for it).

Hrmpf. Well, I do know my man well enough to know his underlying reasons for bitchin' and moanin' through the Valentine's Day countdown. Not being of the romantic nature, he knows he won't be able to repay the favor (not that I would want him to -- I am not wooed by stereotypical romantic gestures, either). Also, he knows the main impetus behind something like this is more blog fodder than sincere romance on my part...I guess I know each other pretty well.

Tomorrow I will continue my thoughts on everyday romance.


Favorite of the day: Baby blanket

Working on: Baby shower stuff

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Shara said...

Men. Hurumpf. They just don't "get" it. I got mine a shirt with his favorite team on it. Boring. He has thirty shirts already with the same team. But, what are you going to do........

If it helps - I thought your ideas were fantastic. :)