Saturday, February 11, 2012

Tales from Mousy Hollow

This is one of those gifts that lets you know the recipient is pretty special.

 It wasn't particularly time consuming, despite what it looks like to the contrary. I finished dressing the mice in one evening in front of Netflix (our current fave -- How I Met Your Mother). No sewing involved, so rate this as a "sane" project. They are wearing favorite fabric scraps culled over time -- the bride is wearing a dress made from the fabric sample that accompanied my silk georgette wedding dress. BT sanded down the rounded part of the clothespins a bit to allow me to glue on the mice faces from my stash.

The mice were presented in a teeny wooden crate purchased at the Japanese dollar store,

and these mini Moleskin notebooks from Target were the perfect fit to allow stories about the mouse family to be written down.

After buying the mice faces 5 or so years ago, I kept all of the components together to make this little family. If Hank had been a girl, I'm sure this would have been a Christmas gift for him by now. Not that I wouldn't make them for Hank -- and in fact he enjoyed playing with them until they were packed up to be given to a neighbor girl for her 4th birthday. But, I have other playsets in mind for him based on his interests. With the recipient in close proximity, I am hoping we can see more of the little family from Mousy Hollow and hear the stories Phoebe comes up for them.


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Doodlebug Love said...

OMG........... ADORABLE is a n understatement! You are amazing. Love Love Love them

mascanlon said...

I love them! My granddaughter is so very into stories and she would enjoy a similar set to set the around. You've given me a great idea for HER 4th birthday. thanks!! But those mouse faces are going to be tough!

LORi said...

So so sweet!!