Friday, February 10, 2012

Sew crafty

We have two neighborhood birthday parties tomorrow for three girls. Two, sisters, live right next door. They are Laotian if you are wondering about the names.

Parties at their house are pretty cool -- the "Caucasian family," as we are called, gets special treatment, and we are offered explanations on all the different foods being served. The party food is typically a smorgasbord of homemade southeast Asian foods -- Korean barbecued meat served as street tacos, lumpia, pho, and Thai iced tea. I tell you I'm in heaven.

Having older girls to prepare presents for allowed me to use two cute bento boxes I bought at a previous trip to the Japanese dollar store.

I made them into sewing kits

by buying a few more things, like thread, buttons, and ribbon trim, at my recent trip to a 100 Yen type store. I used this sewing kit from Land of Nod as inspiration, and included a regular needle, a plastic kid's needle, a needle threader, scissors, a thimble, thread, a homemade pin cushion with two pins, and two hanks of embroidery floss in the kits. Most of these items I had on hand (hoarder!), so just had to add a few components from a sewing kit from an American dollar store (the scissors, needle, and thimble).

Again following the Land of Nod kit, I included felt pieces plus some batting to allow the girls to make a couple of different animals. I think I would have been pretty thrilled to get a gift like this at their age.


Favorite of the day: Niiiice

Working on: The mice family -- the gift for the other birthday girl tomorrow


Doodlebug Love said...

Maybe I would have been more of a crafter had I started at an earlier age with a little inpsiration like this. So cute.

Heidi said...

Love those boxes! I would have loved a gift like that when I was little too. All of those little *things* inside!