Monday, February 13, 2012

Nuts about you

The kid's Valentines this year are pretty simple. They were influenced by these cute treat boxes found in the Target dollar section.

I found most of the boxes (sold in sets of 4) in a single trip, but won't tell you how many Target stores I visited to obtain the last set lest you a) think I am crazier than you already do, or b) are put in a jealous rage by how many Targets I have access to in a 15 mile radius. It is astounding, really (the number of Targets we have per square mile -- and yes, my insanity knows no bounds).

No nuts allowed at school, so they contain a package of plain M&Ms and a puffy sticker. The tag was a photocopied Valentine from this collection. I am so embarrassed that I didn't notice first time around that most of these Valentines -- received when I was 4 years old -- are from family, not friends. It appears that my Dad's family organized a Valentine writing campaign to me. Some are signed by older cousins, and aunts signed the ones from the younger ones. There were even a couple from my Uncle Mark who was still living at home at the time. So sweet!!

For Hank's teacher, I wandered Target looking at things with clever phrases running through my head. A picture frame ("picture you and me as Valentines"). Bath bomb ("you're the bomb"). Probably all lifted from this list.

I ended up going with a candle. I am not a candle person, and typically avoid giving them as gifts, but this one seemed ready to go as a Valentine's present with the simple addition of a clever phrase.


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