Sunday, February 12, 2012

Buon giorno e bella notte

I'm in a super Valentine-y mood this year. Most years I'm pretty eh about this holiday, but this time around I may have gone overboard with preparations (a post for another day).

We had two "romantic" meals this weekend. On Friday night, we watched Lady and the Tramp*.

In preparation for the meal, I set the table like an Italian restaurant. This was done with no thought ahead of time in relation to decor, so the only crafty element was covering a beer bottle's label with a note that said "Bella Notte." The flowers were bought when Hank and I picked up the ingredients for -- what else -- spaghetti and meatballs. Admittedly the whole idea for this dinner and movie combo was prompted by a special Valentine's menu provided by the recipe site I subscribe to, Relish. The menu suggested serving spumoni ice cream with cookies to make cocker spaniel ears

Well, you get the idea. Fresh & Easy only had pistachio ice cream. In hind site, if I couldn't get yummy spumoni, I should have got a brown or caramel colored ice cream to make this treat look like its name sake.

For breakfast on Saturday, I tried my hand at shaped pancakes

Disaster!! I guess I need to get this guy's book. I thought the key to everything was a squeeze bottle, but need more tips and tricks before I tackle this project again.

I have a few more V-day posts for you. Love ya!

* For the rest of the weekend Hank said he wanted to watch Old Lady on the Tramp. That would be quite a different movie, my son. {ahem}


Favorite of the day: Adorable Valentines for older boys to give

Working on: Baby shower preparations


Jenn said...

I think you're pancakes are fabulous!

Anonymous said...

Your pancakes look fantastic. You should have seen the "heart" pancakes I attempted this morning.
I think I may copy the Lady and the Tramp movie/dinner idea.
I love that Hank has been calling it Old Lady and the Tramp. So funny.

Doodlebug Love said...

I made Maddie Mickey Mouse panckaes on Sunday and well the plate looked great but she only ate one ear.. I think I need a lot more tips too. How funny that we all attemepted that this weekend. Great minds think alike LOL.

You are so creative and I will be stealing your idea of the Tramp.. :)