Monday, February 27, 2012

Baby Bunny Button Book-y Shower

I helped with a baby shower for a sister-in-law this weekend. Actually, other than the invites and choosing the location, I got to do everything on my own!! This was a big deal, as usually I am co-hosting an event, or the mama-to-be has specific ideas about what she would like for the shower. I like working under these circumstances as well, but it was fun to sit down and do whatever the heck I wanted without running it by anybody.

Note: I didn't have my camera that day, and had to borrow one I obviously wasn't used to using.

The main source of inspiration were some reproduction baby powder tins I bought -- oh -- back in 2006. This was after I read Hillary's post about the lovely baby shower she put on, and just had to have the tins for my own. I found them on Ebay -- I think they were rather pricey then, and looks like they are selling for $6-10 now.* The tins have been collecting dust ever since.

The sex of the baby is unknown -- s/he has had its legs crossed for every ultrasound. This is baby #6 joining a family of 3 girls and 2 boys, so no preferences. I used the peach and navy blue from the can, seeing it as a variation on pink and blue. I made paper fans to put in the tins adorned with buttons in the center. The cans were put on a navy blue crepe paper runner.

After scouring Pinterest, I found this cute printable banner that had peach and blue. But, it also introduced two new design elements -- bunnies and a book print.

Okey dokey -- what to do with those? I bought an old book, and pulled out a bunch of pages to spread over the crepe paper runner.

I printed vintage rabbit images on a few of the pages, and made a few into bowties to stick in the tins (I kept thinking they would find out if it was a boy or a girl before the shower, so I kept adding more boyish and then more girly elements so I could point to the ones that most related to the sex of the baby).

The favors were dollar store spice jars (two for a dollar) filled with Dove chocolate and tied with a peach ribbon. A small button was the perfect finish to the labels.

Despite the fact that we were at the Cheesecake Factory, I couldn't help bringing cupcakes adorned with little polka dot bunnies I found on etsy.

For games we just did two pen and paper games ( a word scramble and guessing how many days animals carry their babies). We also left well wishes for the baby, and I had guests fill out a thank you card envelope so the mama-to-be (x6) has one less thing to do. Speaking of the mama-to-be, I made her a brooch using a paper flower found at Michaels -- I just needed to add the ribbon.

For a gift, I made the most super awesome baby gift that has ever had a tutorial made for it. Seriously - this would be the only shower gift I ever made again if I wasn't so fickle and didn't have an enormous stockpile of other stuff I need to pawn off on unsuspecting mamas. It is the cut chenille blanket. I used flannel as this tutorial suggests, and it looks exactly like chenille. See?

It is ever more rewarding than a traditional quilt in terms of doing all the quilting (and in this case cutting) and not knowing how it is going to look in the end until you wash it. Everybody loved it.

Another shower is already on the docket for another sister-in-law, but in this case the mama-to-be had a theme in mind. Volkswagen bugs and a fun color scheme? I am sooo all over this one!

*I would be willing to sell 4 tins for $20 if anybody is interested.


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Full of Heart said...

Are you willing to share a link to the "how many days mama animals carry their babies" game? That sounds like it would be fun at my sister's shower!