Tuesday, January 03, 2012

Today I...

...hovered instead of using a toilet seat cover

...carried a hand towel with me to the bathroom at work instead of using paper ones

...opted not to get a coffee at Starbucks only because I didn't have my reusable mug with me (I've got $40 worth of gift cards burning a hole in my pocket!)

...used a rag to clean something I normally would have used a paper towel for

...used reusable produce bags and shopping bags at the grocery store

Here's to an even less wasteful 2012! My biggest goal is to only allow myself one disposable cup per month. I met somebody at a conference who has a goal to use far fewer disposable cups per year than that even, and I was inspired. Will be adding a collapsible cup from BT's hiking gear (I only get water anyway at fast casual restaurants) to my stash. May sound crazy, but really thinking a lot lately about resource use justified because we are too busy/have other priorities/make enough money that we feel we can afford to throw something away after only one use. I have some more traditional goals as well for 2012, but really want to put some effort into being an even earthier "Earth Muffin" this year :)


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Patty Biermans said...

What a great goal!!! I think that the average people in US use more disposables than anywhere in the world. For instance, I use only once a year disposable cups, when I have a birthday party with more than 40 people. And that's only for the coffee! I hope that you can get more people to follow your great goal! hugzz....peebee

Carol T. said...

I am still trying to follow your lead of taking a container to restaurants for leftovers, instead of having to get the usual, huge clamshell container. I really need to buy one that I can put in my purse. That's on my 2012 goal list, not the purchase but the use of one.
My best Earth friendly achievement from 2011...hanging, line drying all our laundry. I feel so good about that.