Sunday, January 01, 2012

An ornament a day: Day 6 (the end)

Well, I got 6 out of the 7 ornaments finished of the ones I had planned to work on during the week between Christmas and New Year's. Pretty good start for next year's tree!

This last one was made using the pinecone picked up from the cabin. I had an idea similar to Sarah's to dip the cone in a white coating (too bad the porcelain didn't work out for her -- that would have been perfect!) I used glossy white paint watered down a bit so it wouldn't clump up too much. I dipped the cone at least 20 times, and couldn't get any better coverage than this. So, neither porcelain or paint appear to be the way to go with a project like this...

On to other topics -- hope everyone had a nice New Year's! I was a baking fool all weekend. Before Christmas, a neighbor across the street brought us a Costco pecan pie. Now, I don't always need to give a gift to somebody who gives me one, but in this case I felt bad for not thinking to put something together for him (there weren't enough cookies here to dole out to the neighbors we interact with more regularly. I only picked up a few dozen cookies at the cookie exchange, so I was short.) He is an older gentleman, and lives with his son (also an older guy). They have lived in their house since the 50s, and knew the family who lived in our house prior to us and who had lived in the house since the same time (plus had an older son who lived at home -- please don't tell me that is some kind of trend for this neighborhood!) There don't appear to be any women that visit the house (girlfriends, daughters, etc.) So who would be more deserving of a little home-baked goodness!

The great part about having New Year's a mere week after Christmas is that you can do many of the activities you missed out on for Christmas (presents, cards) and make it look like you planned it that way all along. I actually love the idea of having New Year's cards instead of Christmas cards -- may have to consider that for next year. In any case, wrapped up a few of Martha's finest (almond horns, chocolate peppermint thumbprints, and gingerbread bells) with noise makers and blowers to give to the bachelors on New Year's Eve. I made a similar package for BT's co-workers (he wouldn't let me make anything before Christmas as they were inundated with treats) , and took the rest to the NYE party we attended.

I am digging these Sunday holidays -- make for nice long weekends :)


Favorite of the day: Finding out that my Christmas stuff still fit in the same number of bins :)

Working on: Cleaning. Not as intense as I would have wanted, but since it's been a month or so since I did anything more than a wipe down, the house looks much better!


Heather Woollove said...

You are right that your neighbors would especially cherish a plate of home-made treats at this time of year (or any!!)...unless they are 'closet bakers' and you just don't know it!! :)
I really enjoyed your ornament posts. It's so nice to see handmade ornaments that can be made as a family, and which include different kinds of 'skills', rather than all sewing or felting or crocheting, etc.
Happy New Year to you and yours!!!

Heidi said...

I did bottles of sparkling cider for all my neighbor gifts. I bought them before Christmas but had no pressure to get them out early--some I delivered at 7:30 pm Saturday night, actually! LOL It was nice to extend the festivity past Christmas and nice to take the stress off me to get it done before!

Sarah said...

I was pretty sure paint would be a nightmare with the pine cones too. There has to be some good way to do that...

Heidi said...

Ha! That is always my goal--to not have to buy more bins! That usually means something has to go to make up for what came in. Or more creative jamming it all in/packing in bins.