Tuesday, January 31, 2012

Gung Hay Fat Choy!

Our celebration of the Lunar New Year took place one week late (but still within the two week celebration allowed for this occasion).

I didn't do too much in terms of decor --just used items I had on hand. I wouldn't be surprised if the dragon cut out below was procured during the last Year of the Dragon 12 years ago, as I was very into Asian ephemera at the time -- and Ebay.

For dinner we had homemade spring rolls and hot & sour soup, and store bought dumplings. We just had ice cream for dessert to celebrate an accomplishment with our backyard -- fully enclosed after 2 years - woot!

I found the fortune puzzles at Dollar Tree, and had to buy one for each of us. Here is Hank's put together. He was very excited to find money in his red envelope!

Hoping for a productive year, and new beginnings :)


Favorite of the day: Pinterest find when looking for something totally unrelated

Working on: Am I the slowest knitter in the world or what?

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Doodlebug Love said...

You are so good about keeping up with your traditions and I liked your Pintrest find as well :)