Saturday, January 28, 2012

Gourmet s'mores cooked in a trashy way

One of our favorite things right now are s'mores

Since many parts of the country are also experiencing an unexpected heat wave, I don't feel too bad mentioning that right now we are having 80 degree days that stay warm into the evening. We have been making s'mores over a rather unconditional heat source

This is a old washer drum. It doesn't season very attractively (it was bright silver when we got it), but man can this thing put out heat. It's like a jet engine when you light it up, and even damp wood flames up as soon as you light it.

Tonight's version used heart-shaped marshmallows (the pink ones are strawberry flavored!) and gourmet dark chocolate. I thought I was all done taking pics for the evening to sit back and enjoy our white trash fire when I noticed the kid had nibbled his s'more into a heart shape.



Favorite of the day: Sweetest baby shower ever. bhldn promptly added to shopping resources!

Working on: The scarf


Carol T. said...

Oh yes, the washer drum fire pit. My parents had one. It was the kind of fire pit all their cronies in their camping club had. I'm sure my dad still has his somewhere in his "stuff".

leslie said...

that washer drum fire pit is awesome!!!