Sunday, January 15, 2012

Desert Rats

We were toying with the idea of going desert camping this month. Instead, BT booked a weekend for us at a fabulous vacation rental just outside Joshua Tree National Park.

The rental was so cool. It is just a bungalow (meaning everything - living room, dining area, kitchen and sleeping area - is all in one room), but what the place lacked in square footage it more than made up for in style.

(listening to U2's Joshua Tree)

Almost every feature of the house -- down to the silverware -- was vintage. There were some modern conveniences, like a margarita machine and Keurig style coffee maker, but by and large it looked like a retro consignment store booth was transported to this spot. And that was just the inside.

Outside -- the owner's love for all things old and rusty shows everywhere. One, he built his own bottle house

The bottles are not vintage, but looking at them makes you appreciate how beautiful wine and alcohol bottle are to this day. The tiny bottle house would actually be a place for 2 guests to stay.

There are also tons of old neon signs. Most are not working, but two are functional. Signs you take for granted driving down the highway become novelty when you get to turn them on and off yourself. There are rusty old cars, signs, and dozens of things for old and young alike to explore on the property.

I personally loved the patio table and chairs

Another cool thing was being instructed to feed "the animals" in the morning and at night. The animals consisted of rabbits, quail, and a few other different types of desert birds. At night, kangaroo rats, which are unique little guys that are too cute to be called rats, came to visit.

I have never been to a vacation rental that took care of so many details (like a fully stocked booze cabinet and beer in the fridge!)

Despite the harsh surroundings, you felt pampered and taken care of. It was also a free weekend to visit National Parks, so great time to visit Joshua Tree.

We'll definitely be back, and left a note saying so in the bottle house's "message in a bottle" note center.


Favorite of the day: I think I'll be able to steer the kid away from character parties during his Cars loving years, but just in case -- will refer to this party for back up.

Working on: Cupcakes


Full of Heart said...

Um, you know this is where we live, right!? I wish I had known you were going to be in town it would have been fun to meet up for dinner or something!

Rosa said...

What an amazing place! Love the bunnies!!

Jane said...

Is there a link for this rental? I would *love* to go there!