Friday, January 20, 2012

All aboard the crazy train!

My bestie's daughter turns three this week. In thinking of a gift for Natasha, I recalled how popular a set of Melissa and Doug cookies were for a group of girls her age at a recent party we attended, and thought I would make a felt version for young Natasha.

In December, there were some great small baking items at Dollar Tree, including a quarter size baking sheet. In January, however, it was back to disposable aluminum pans. I headed to the Ross next door and used a handy dandy store credit coupon to buy a mini muffin tin.

Here's where we board crazy train -- woo woo! Making felt cookies is bad enough, but somehow the work load seemed to double when flat cookies turned into round cupcakes. Luckily I found a tutorial, and was on my way to Crazy Town.

12 mini cupcakes later, I determined that maybe being crazy isn't so bad after all. They came out so cute! The gift was completed with a dollar store rubber spatula, some gift boxes bought using the rest of the Ross store credit, a hot pad and mitt from the Target dollar section, plus some paper baking cups I've had just about forever.

But wait -- something was missing. An apron! The train chugs away from the station once again as I make my way to JoAnn to find cupcake fabric. All told, however, this simple apron design took 20 minutes to make -- the express route.

Next stop: a scarf


Favorite of the day: Strange confession. Despite my home town (San Diego) and my water sign (Pisces), I typically am not inspired by beach weddings and events. A blonde in a mermaid style dress + navy blue and white decor + a starfish motif = yawn. This wedding changed my tune.

Working on: A scarf. Actually not as crazy as it sounds.


Anonymous said...

OMG Jenn! These are too precious. Seriously..crazy train or not I would be ALL ABOARD! So stinkin' cute my friend.

Jenn U

Patty Biermans said...

This is really the most delicious present for a little girl I ever saw!!! hugzz...peebee

Cristina said...

What a fun gift! Everything turned out really, really cute. I think I have a seat right next to you on that train.

Anonymous said...

So cute Jen. Is that what you were doing last night? :)

Anonymous said...

This has to be the sweetest gift you have ever made! Love it! :-)


Anonymous said...

Ummmm... how do I get one of my own LOL I will pay :)

What a great gift for Doodle on Valentines Day.

Jenn U

Carol T. said...

Very cute, Jen. You are so creative.

Autism Mom said...

these are so cute! what a great idea!
i have awarded you The Versatile Blogger Award - you can check out the details at: