Monday, December 05, 2011

Yurting USA

What is a yurt?

According to some smart ass friends, it is something contagious. In reality, a yurt is a permanent tent, round in shape, that is designed to withstand the weather.

In California, yurts are more common in the northern part of the state (you know, where the hippies live). There are a few options in southern California, however, including the ones we visited this past weekend at Lake Cachuma (Santa Barbara County). Are there any yurts or permanent tents in your area? Find out here.

I discovered the "local" yurts a few months ago, and immediately signed up for the first available weekend, which was the first weekend of December. I thought the weather would either be sunny (if we were lucky) or rainy, but didn't anticipate bitter cold. Temperatures in the evenings have been down in the teens in this area factoring in the wind chill. It was a little frigid in our yurt despite the provided space heater, but we made it through the two nights.

The fact that there was a plug in heater took yurt camping into the glamping category, as there was an outlet for our coffee maker! We enjoyed our usual morning cup of joe versus trying to use a camping percolator.

Despite not bringing a tent and a few other camping items, space was still at a premium in our tiny car. I did however sneak in a few Christmas decorations (and Eyeball!)

It was a relaxing weekend, and we didn't leave our camp site. The boys fished, and I worked on the neverending ornament project.

Will definitely be yurting it again (perhaps when the weather is warmer!)


Favorite of the day: Love the snowman bottles

Working on: A different type of ornament


Patty Biermans said...

I like yurts!! Because they are origanaly made from felt! hugzz...peebee

Anonymous said...

I so think we should get all the families in our group and do this one weekend. Looks like a lot of fun and such a cute area. I love the view.