Tuesday, December 06, 2011

A visit to St. Nick

Tonight was the night allotted on our busy December calendar to visit Santa Claus.

I was kinda bored with our local mall options, as they have had the same decor for the past 3 years. So, I did my usual turn-a-simple-thing-into-something-over-the-top-and-complicated and decided to go see Santa at the Disneyland Hotel.

(Santa was not allowed to touch the kids. Hank spent a good while trying to get into this chair before I realized Santa's hands off policy and went in to help him.)

We didn't make it to Disneyland itself this year, but there are still plenty of opportunities for fun just outside the park (a new tiki bar, for example). Just walking through the area adjacent to Disneyland, Downtown Disney, is a treat for young kids as everything is themey and over the top fabulous.

This year we talked a lot about visiting Santa, how we wouldn't be scared, and that we needed to tell him what we wanted for Christmas. The kid surprised me by being relatively polite and responsive, and told Santa that he wants the train he saw at the ice cream place (This one. Umm...why didn't mama check the price when we were in the store!!)

We ate at Rainforest Cafe. Haven't done that since circa 1993.

Also made the kid's eyes bug out of his head by taking him to the Lego store. Hank was pretty excited as well.

Everything was decorated so nicely, and definitely got us in the holiday spirit. We even sorta had a view of the park's fireworks. It was kind of like the poor folk version of a Disneyland Christmas.

Favorite of the day: Where is the nearest Safeway!!

Working on: A stocking

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Sarah said...

Santa not allowed to touch the kids? BIZARRE. COMPLETELY and utterly bizarre. I am thankful that here the kids still sit on Santa's lap.