Thursday, December 15, 2011

The ornaments I've been blabbing about

You were probably expecting something super terrific, but instead this is the result of all my ornament making the last few weeks

They are similar to the ornaments I made for the swap, which used vintage curtain rings and cross stitch on Aida cloth. But since I knew the recipients this time around, I decided to make 14 different families an initial ornament.

Packaged as before with the collar stay "skewer"

This project is filled with shoulda coulda wouldas. I shoulda worked harder to find a lime green ribbon to use to modernize the color scheme a bit. I coulda used a "hip" font like Helvetica to modernize them even more. Finally, I woulda made just a couple more to cover everyone on my list, but I am done-zo with these things.

Moving forward with projects I have no regrets over.


Favorite of the day: Totally cute cut and sew projects

Working on: Christmas cards

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