Friday, December 30, 2011

An ornament a day: Day 5

This is a special ornament of the (hopefully) 7 ornaments I am working on this week. It is kind of my equivalent of a Hallmark keepsake ornament.

The felt balls were salvaged from this wreath. The initial idea was to make either a worm or a caterpillar ornament. Both creatures play into Hank's bedtime. The nights I take the time to lay with him a bit when he is getting settled into bed after reading books (need to make time for more of those nights in 2012!) we play several games that Hank made up. One game is to be caterpillars that go into our "raccoons" (no matter how many times I say cocoon, it comes out this way) to turn into butterflies. Then we flap around and go places like Venus, Hollywood, and other exciting destinations. Another game is to play "Sherman Wormin," which involves similar adventures to those of the caterpillars/butterflies only using our pointer fingers as Baby Sherman Wormin and Mama Sherman Wormin. Actually, come to think of it, Baby and Mama Sherman Wormin usually stick with boring activities like going to the grocery store, driving, etc.

I made a caterpillar using the felt balls, but it was pretty lackluster, and seemed lame to just rest it on a branch of the Christmas tree. So, as I was making it on the way to AZ, I decided to make it into the Very Hungry Caterpillar coming out of a strawberry! So happy with how it turned out, and really want to try and make a significant keepsake ornament* every year.

Fingers crossed that the other two ornaments come together -- I am planning lots of baking and cleaning this weekend!

* There really is a Very Hungry Caterpillar keepsake ornament. A little out of my price range...


Favorite of the day: We sent my dad a "pupcake" for his birthday :) My parents have graciously agreed to adopt poor old Chuy (now almost 14) who has a chronic skin condition that appears to be caused by the stress of having a human baby come into the house, and just recently began biting any one besides me and BT -- including (and especially) said human baby. My dad never liked dogs until he met our little white puppy.

Working on: Chocolate peppermint thumbprints

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