Saturday, December 10, 2011

Nostalgic stocking & Christmas Sock Hop!

I am thrilled to be part of a stocking related blog hop, a sock hop, if you will, with three uber talented ladies! In addition to my stocking, I encourage you to check out Tara, Megan, and jek to see the lovely stockings that they put together! Alternate, DIY, and crafty ideas aplenty for your viewing pleasure. Plus, we are all giving the stockings away, so look for instructions on each blog to win a filled stocking that will get to you in time for Christmas! Leave a comment on this post to win a nostalgic stocking representing the late 1960s/1970s!

The inspiration for my stocking came from a deck of cards that I found in a random thrift store "grab bag." The image is a big eyed girl that was probably produced in the late 60s/early 70s. I loved playing card games when I was young, and started thinking about things that I enjoyed as a little girl growing up in the mid to late 70s.

(Stocking includes everything shown here! A lot of items on hand or free. Used $10 off $10 purchase coupon for toe socks. Bulk candy, lip gloss, Kermit pin, and coin purse purchased for $1-$2 each.)

For some reason we tend to generalize past decades down to a single theme. The 50s = poodle skirts. The 60s = peace signs. The 70s = disco. Now, perhaps you or your parents were getting down and funky on the dance floor in the 70s, but by and large people I know that were in their teens and twenties in the 70s visited a disco once or twice, but it wasn't an ongoing interest.

I started thinking about things that were popular with little girls in the 70s. The Muppet Show. Vending machine toys. Candy lipstick.

Puffy stickers. Candy. Toe socks. Plastic barrettes with animals on them. Coin purses (more like this, but I didn't have time to track one down!). Lip gloss (I'm including a natural version versus the yucky paraben filled version of our youth).

I also remember some fun crafts from my youth. Making pot holders on looms. Toilet paper tube crafts (owl seen here via Modern Kiddo). And making ornaments (idea via a vintage McCall's image posted by Cathy).

(Were you a horse girl?)

In putting together a nostalgic stocking for a friend or family member, first identify the year they were born. What was popular during that time? Here are a few resources:

A fad I mistakenly thought was from the 1960s was actually started in my birth year: the pet rock. This guy was laughing all the way to the bank. Can you believe that pet rocks in 1975 cost $3.95? With inflation, that would be nearly $16 in current dollars. Umm -- hello!! It was a ROCK, people. I made my version using a pilfered rock from the neighbor's yard and googly eyes I had on hand. Cost = free.

You can purchase a vintage stocking from the time period on Ebay or etsy. Another option is to use a dishtowel calendar to make your nostalgic stocking. I considered doing this, but didn't want those signing up for the giveaway to be limited to folks born in 1975 :) If you use a dishtowel calendar to make a stocking, don't forget to mark the recipient's birth date on the calendar using a fabric pen!

I decided instead to make this stocking highlighting the star of my first half decade, Holly Hobby. There were probably some pretty elaborate appliques of Holly Hobby done during time for stockings and other fabric crafts, but I decided to modernize the design a bit (and - er - save hours of frustration) by just including a silhouette of my pal Holly on a piece of vintage pre-quilted fabric. The fabric that comprises the back, lining, and cuff of this stocking is also vintage. Here is the excellent tutorial I followed to create a lined stocking (never knew about making the seam allowances for the lining part bigger to ensure the lining fits in the finished product!)

So how would you like a nostalgic stocking representing the late 60s/ 70s? Leave a comment here and the winner of the stocking and all the contents shown here will be chosen on Monday evening, 6:oo PM PST. Don't forget to visit my blog pals for more great ideas and three more chances to win more great stockings!

A special thanks to my idea think tank who helped remind me what the 70s were really all about: Barb, Shanna, and Mary Ann!


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Bonita Rose said...

I love vintage everything.. thks for the chance to win... your stocking and all the fun stuff is inside is beautiful! xo hugs

nikki/WhiMSy love said...

What an EXCELLENT idea to create a nostalgic stocking with all things pertaining to the recipients year of birth! LOVE it!
And your stocking is oodles of happy! Thank you for the chance to win!

jek-a-go-go said...

i love all these retro goodies and it totally reminds me of second grade! i think our blog hop is uber delightful, thank you for playing!

Sunshyne said...

This is such an amazing idea! I love it!

radmegan said...

I love the goodies! You really did an amazing job! I'm really glad Jek organized this- I love your blog!! :)

alix said...

This is fabulous! I love love love it! I'll tweet this out on monday (since most peeps are offline over the weekend). Bravo lady!!
xo alix

lorraine said...

ah! the stocking is lovely..i love the quilty nature of it..and the owl tubey gifty thingy is so cute...i think ill make a few and use them for my xmas gifts!

lorraine said...

oopps..forgot to add my email to the above comment :)