Sunday, December 04, 2011

The Muppets @ El Capitan

I think I've mentioned here that we try to get to El Capitan theater every year around Christmas. This was a tradition that we started before Hank was born. Some years are a bust (the newer version of A Christmas Carol), but this year was a must see -- The Muppets movie!

In talking to folks, some people have reservations about seeing the movie since the Muppet movies of the past were by and large a little lame (sorry, Kermie).

(organ always starts the show)

But this, my friends, will pull at your heartstrings as the whole point of the movie is to put together the old TV version of the Muppet show.

(Kermit and Miss Piggy sing along)

SPOILER: This is done in a cheesy but not too overdone way. I was crying from laughing too hard (a scene that involves Jack Black and a barbershop quartet of 4 lovable Muppet characters singing Nirvana's Smells Like Teen Spirit = comedy gold) and then shed a few tears remembering the good old days watching The Muppet Show during prime time with my dad.

(Miss Piggy's wardrobe on display)

The benefit of seeing this movie at El Capitan is that the theater the Muppets renovate is El Capitan, so it's like watching The Muppet Show in the Muppet theater! My only complaint with the whole movie is that they needed more Waldorf and Statler jokes.

Next door at the Disney ice cream parlor you can get a Rainbow Connection sundae. There is also a dinner that allows you to see how the Muppets are operated. I probably would have splurged for the tickets that included the dinner, except that I got tickets on Plum District for 40% off the discounted price they were offered at. All three tickets cost less than one regular admission ticket - score!

Hank was sorta into the movie and learning all the names of the Muppets (Animal was his fave), but this was really an activity planned for the older kids' enjoyment.


Favorite of the day: Cute addition to an old candy favorite, though not sure I'd have the patience to implement (via Money Saving Mom)

Working on: Too much -- I'm pooped!

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