Thursday, December 01, 2011

Meet Eyeball

Following the popular Elf on a Shelf trend, I decided to make my own version

(Eyeball with his letter of introduction from Santa)

I should tell you that this has been a goal for a couple of years now. A disembodied elf head from the White Trash tree has been sitting on my craft desk for some time. All year round. Staring down at guests that stay in that room. Well, you know what they say about not wanting visitors to get too comfortable at your place...

I just kinda winged the pattern. If I did it again, I would make his limbs longer. The limbs have pipe cleaners in them to make him flexible.

The elf was named Eyeball by the smallest member of the house. Hank either still is too young to get the concept of being watched by Santa's elf, be excited to look for the elf each morning, etc., or he just doesn't give a crap. I'm thinking it's the latter. There are not many things that get him super excited, so Eyeball will probably just sit on a shelf collecting dust for the month. At least he has a body now so he can sit comfortably.


Favorite of the day: Another fabulous paper wreath

Working on: The ornaments -- this may have been a mistake!


April said...

this post made me laugh :)
I love him and his name. we missed you yesterday!

laura - mostlycrafty said...

I find the real Elf on a Shelf elf really creepy!! Yours seems infinitely less so.