Monday, December 12, 2011

Invitation ornaments

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During a 10-month span, we were part of the preparations for three special events (1, 2, 3)

I spent a lot of energy in preparing for the events. I also put together special gifts for the bridal showers. When it came to the day of the events, I was pretty tapped out in terms of ideas and - well - cash. I wished I had checked out Pinterest earlier -- that way I would have seen the awesome idea to make a glass ornament using each couple's wedding invitation.

The best part about this gift was that I had exactly 3 glass ornaments to use that were taking up valuable space in my Christmas gift wrap bin. I am surprised they have lasted all this time without getting broken, to be honest. Each couple's wedding invitations were cut into strips, and then rolled around a pencil. For this couple, I added a stencil letter hang tag. It reflected the style of their engagement pictures.

(Topper spray painted silver after this pic was taken)

For this couple, I included some moss in the bottom of the ball (recalling the moss covered letters we made for the garden themed event) and a large bow.

Since initials were also key to this event, I purchased a little letter charm representing their last name for the ornament.

Finally, a butterfly themed ornament was developed for this couple.

I also added a little glass glitter to the bottom of the ornament, and attached a pretty saying that was part of their invitation as a hang tag.

Such a simple, inexpensive, and thoughtful idea! This will be my go to gift for similar events in the future. No matter how weary I am by the time we get to the big day...

P.S. My fellow Pinterest lover party planner friend Grace also did some invitation ornaments for Lena's baby shower -- can you find them?


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