Saturday, December 17, 2011

Indoor snowball fight

I *think* I had posted a link to this gift idea previously -- an indoor snowball fight, which includes fluffy snowballs in a painted bucket.

I totally fell in love with this concept as a gift for nieces and nephews this year for Christmas. But, I was a little concerned that the snowball novelty would wear off quickly (not to mention possible breakage of home decor).

So, I decided to make the snowballs be rolled up socks instead! They may be tossed around a few times, but then end up being something useful for the kids (also a good way to make a practical gift fun!) I included at least 2 pairs of white socks per kid in the buckets. For the two larger families (5 kids), there are two buckets for boys versus girls. The "small" family with 3 kids (one of whom is a small fry less than a year) received a single bucket. I put smiley face stickers on the rolled up socks to reflect the version I saw online, and decorated dollar store buckets with paint pens. The hardest part was figuring out the different shoes sizes kids aged 8 months to 11 years old would wear, and how many packs I needed of each size.

Let the games begin!
Favorite of the day: No pics, but went to a totally adorable Peter Pan party today. Folded green paper hats with red feathers, crocodile cookies, and packets of pixie dust (sanding sugar) to sprinkle on cupcakes. Everything was so cute!

Working on: Holiday party (bonus time!)

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