Monday, December 19, 2011

Homemade for Hank

I have three -- count them THREE - homemade gifts ready for Hank this year!!

The key to a successful crafting season this month was to break out all the tasks into week long increments. I didn't assign which days I would be working on individual projects, but knew I had to get the three items shown here, for example, done by this past Sunday in order to stay on track.

The hat pattern was found here. I went with orange and brown to seem less seasonal. I figure I only have a year or two left that I can get away with goofy looking hats before I need to stick with plain old beanies. He's growing up so fast! The library book bag pattern was found here. I have had this cut out for some time, so relatively simple to get it sewed up.

The activity book -- the ACTIVITY BOOK -- omg, this is a major weight lifted. There has been some debate as to how long the book has taken. I think I started in Christmas 2009. The pattern came from my pal Barb as part of this package.

The pattern is from the 90s, but has some sweet designs nonetheless, like the horse

The pattern is written so nonchalantly, assuming you know exactly what they are asking you to do despite not having any detail pictures. Every Easter and Christmas since the time I started this project, I sat down to finish the book only to find that page 6 was going to take several hours just on its own.

Well, I wasn't going to be thwarted this time around. I sat down and just did it. The last two pages were finished, I made a cover out of some vintage fabric (I added a button closure), and put all the little doodads and doohickies onto the pages. It's wonky and some parts are down right hideous, but it is done and sitting under the tree with a "mama made" tag hanging off of it, thankyouverymuch.

This week's agenda -- 5 socks. Lord have mercy.


Favorite of the day: The party Heidi went to and won a Major Award

Working on: Cutting out socks

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leslie said...

awesome!!! i love the handmade book and i was going to buy "stuck" for the girls. :)