Friday, December 16, 2011

Hi-fi holiday greetings

This year's Christmas card "gift" was a little pricey, but fortunately the cost was spread out a bit.

You see, I had originally intended to make the blog gals a CD for their New Year's gift (see previous gifts here, here, and here) in 2010 after purchasing our record player. I never got around to that project (so sorry, ladies!), and feel new pangs of regret for not acknowledging my bloggy friends for two years now...

In any case, Past Jen (circa 2010) had purchased CDs that look like records, CD sleeves, and CD shipping envelopes. Present Jen found a cute CD cover printable that looked sorta like a record cover. BT added our faces and a holiday message to make it look more personalized. One of the delays in preparing the New Year's gifts was that I wanted to copy songs from our record collection to capture all the pops and hisses from the record version of the songs that I had selected. The record player is set up to record songs digitally, but they ended up sounding really terrible. This time around, we just copied the playlist from a CD we bought years ago at Old Navy. The only immediate cost was shipping -- $1.71 each. Will be aiming for a little lower price point next year in terms of a Christmas card that serves as a gift ideas...

Previous Christmas card "gifts"

2009: Ornament


Favorite of the day: Great stocking stuffer for somebody you know really well (versus somebody who may think you are giving them a hint about bad breath) via Family Style

Working on: Snowballs


Sarah said...

The cover is SO stinking cute!

I have the little strand of lights you sent a few years ago on the dollhouse this year. If I lived near Ikea I would have put like 10 more on it and totally blinged that baby out! :-)

Jane said...

The cover is so awesome. You should blow it up and make one that is wall art for yourselves.

Carol T. said...

Thank you Jen and Brent and Hank for the Best Christmas card ever! We like the CD, and love the sleeve for it. The two smiling faces and the one usual photo mugging face, inside the car are great. It is such a creative card.
We hope you had a happy Christmas.