Sunday, December 11, 2011

Gifts for the littles

Here are a few things I put together for kidlets this Christmas.

This is actually a birthday gift for a friend from Hank's school, Finn. We picked out a couple items for Finn at our recent visit to Rainforest Cafe, including a snake slap bracelet and a zebra figure.

The memory set we had on hand. It came in the box shown below, which was modified to become Finn's Adventure Box.

We received this game a year or so ago as a gift. I separated the pieces from the box, and stored both to be used as gift ideas (We already had a few memory games, so able to pass this one on. The box was stored as part of the container collection.) I didn't think about how well the game and its previous holder would go together! I made a fabric bag to store the game, and added a few rubber animals, a piece of a geode, and a few stickers to the box. The only thing we needed to buy to complete the adventure box was a dollar store bug catching kit, which contained a pair of tweezers and a net.

For a co-worker's son, a Purl Bee frog to go with a left over Charley Harper shirt we still had on hand in the gift box (it was a duplicate sent by mistake) from when they were sold several years ago at Old Navy.

For my bestie's daughter, I made an art apron. During my Portland visit, Joy and I saw an apron like this, and I promised one in time for Christmas.

I was made using a combo of this pattern plus that one, and a traced apron body from a kid-sized apron Hank received last year.

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Favorite of the day: Nina's reindeer party

Working on: After the crazy cookie makin' gift creatin' weekend I had, I am actually thankful to get back to my boring ornament project.

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