Saturday, December 03, 2011

Boring Ho Hum Christmas tree


I didn't know how important my theme trees were to me until I didn't make one. I don't miss the hustle and bustle of getting the tree ready to show on the old blog here, but I was not prepared for my cavalier attitude about doing a traditional tree.

I thought I would feel nostalgic to see ornaments from when were first dating

or ones from trees past

or those from blog friends

or new ones purchased and never hung

But, no, overall, I just have that feeling of -- this is it?

Maybe with time as we build up our ornament supply I will grow to love our traditional tree. Now I feel bad putting that in writing and hurting the tree'e feelings. I'm sorry, tree. In the words of Sir Topham Hat, you are a Really Useful tree.


Favorite of the day: No time to look

Working on: I'll just tell you when I am working on something different


Sarah said...

I always do at least two trees - one white and sparkly and full of vintage for me and one green and boring and full of sentimental stuff for everyone else.

But I do agree, the green one is a yawn fest.

laura - mostlycrafty said...

My Christmas tree is full of my ornaments from childhood, and I wouldn't want it any other way! My tree isn't even big enough for all of them anymore...many still sit in their box awaiting a bigger tree.

One thing my mother did as my sister and I were growing up was to log each ornament we received every year. I come from a family where we got a plastic canvas ornament from a great aunt (filled with $20!), an ornament from our zoo, and an ornament from our parents every single year. My mom would keep track on a sheet of notebook paper of who/what/when for each ornament. It also served to make sure each ornament got back into the right box after the tree came down.

Maybe that is a something you could start for yourself and Hank to make your non-theme tree a tradition? You could jazz it up with polaroids/photos and some scrap paper, or keep it simple on a sheet of notebook paper like my mom did.