Thursday, December 22, 2011

5 new socks

Posts about my husband's family stocking, or "sock," tradition are smattered throughout the ol' blog. Here is an old post about them, and here is the tutorial I wrote describing how to make them.

(The name Lauren refers to the Laurel tree, and Lauren's mama requested a stocking reflecting her name. Hmmm...this was the best I could come up with -- a Santa Lucia girl with a crown that could possibly be made from laurel leaves...?)

This was one doozy of a year in the sock making department. I had five socks to make! A new niece, a new nephew, and a cousin's daughter, her husband, and her stepson. All told, we had to prep stockings for 31 people this year. No homemade stocking stuffers this year -- just cheap China crap.

(Cooper's mama didn't have a preference, so he received an owl motif. If I hadn't received any requests, all of this year's stockings would have had a woodland theme.)

This past week was allocated to making socks. If I had had I would have felt on top of things, but as it was I had to pull nearly an all-nighter to get them done. Pardon me if this post gets a bit rambly...

(Gia's mama said baby Gia likes butterflies and purple. Okey dokey.)

In addition, the laptop is getting ready to take a dive. I have been trying to minimize my use of it, but that is easier said than done. Too much good stuff out there!

(Martin loves the Cars movie and stickers. Isn't Lightening McQueen's nickname Stickers? I didn't work on this one in front of my kid, as he would undoubtedly think it was for him, which could cause issues during delivery of the stockings)

A new laptop is on its way courtesy of my live in Santa. So excited!

(Nick is a bike rider. Idea to include mittens hung over the handlebars lifted from this etsy card. Just realized I forgot a fender.)

With this project out of the way, I am officially DONE with Christmas preparations! We didn't get to do all of activities this month that we would have liked, but that was more due to cold weather and sickness than my crazy crafting schedule. Maybe we can catch a few things after the big day.

Wishing you a relaxing and enjoyable holiday week with your families!


Recent fave: I am dying over this gift. Little pink cans of bubbly with pink straws attached promptly were acquired for my gals.

Working on: Just packing

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sharon garofalow said...

Thanks for sharing my last minute gift. Who wouldn't want to open that up!!? ;)